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3 Steps To Launch Your Retainer Replacement Plan

To get started, there are 3 main questions to answer. Your office can create a program that answers these questions or you can turn to the most trusted source in the field to have it done for you. 

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Are you considering launching a retainer replacement program?  Smart idea!  A successful retainer replacement program is what your patients have been asking for! It’s a great source of revenue and a great way to service your current and past patients.  To get started, there are 3 main questions to answer.  Your office can create a program that answers these questions or you can turn to the most trusted source in the field - Retainer Club - to have it done for you. 

Here are the Steps to create your own plan:

STEP 1 : Establish your fee
STEP 2:  Create your system
STEP 3:  Deliver Retainers

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Here are details of the steps that will help you get started:



Here are a list of questions to help you create a fee for your Plan:

  • Come up with a fee based on what you want to earn and what your market will accept
  • Understand your expenses: Cost per arch, staff time, chair time, packaging, marketing
  • Market the plan - create the marketing materials to help sell your plan
  • Train your team to present the plan in consultations, online, and on the phone
  • Decide what’s included in the fee - how many retainers?  How much are replacements?


Here are a list of questions to help you create the system to run and manage your Plan:

  • Decide on the rules of your plan - how do patients take advantage of their purchase
  • Name your plan - It’s a smart idea to avoid words like ‘insurance’ and ‘copay’ as those don’t convey a premium experience
  • Choose a tool to manage plan members (Excel, Google Sheets, your Practice Management System, etc)
  • How will you manage sales?
  • What KPI’s will tell you if the plan is profitable?
  • Train team members in using your system - phone team, marketing team, clinical team
  • Create marketing materials for Consult room, video screens, social media, press release, etc
  • Decide how you will source retainers for plan members - ie. internal lab, external lab
  • Decide how retainers will be ordered by your team, who will manage lab notes
  • Decide how you will retrieve scans or schedule patient for new scans if needed


Here are a list of questions to help you deliver retainers for Plan users:

  • Decide how you want to deliver retainers to patients on a plan (in the chair, at the front desk, etc)
  • Determine how long it takes to have retainers made and delivered to create a delivery schedule
  • Will patients be seen in a dental chair?  Will the doctor see them? Must this be done on doctor days?
  • What is included with the retainers (a case, cleaner, instructions)
  • Create retainer instructions - should they have office branding?

Sound complicated?  Let the retainer plan experts do it for you!


Before Retainer Club created a technology platform, offices had to create all of the systems to manage a plan themselves.  Many offices and groups find that the ‘juice isn’t worth the squeeze.’  The amount of work to run a plan that is not just a gym membership, rather, it brings service and value to the community, can quickly outweigh the profits.  Offices get excited about discovering a lab fee per arch that sounds attractive.  But, the few dollars saved for lab fees don’t come close to covering the costs of staff time, chair time, and program administration.  Offices that do over 20 starts a month can quickly become overwhelmed.  

Practices that have implemented our platform are creating $100,000+ in revenue. Patients love that they can order retainers online and teams love how easy the Retainer Club system is to use. 

Click here to get started with your Retainer Replacement Plan.


Our co-founder and President Blair Feldman has been a practicing orthodontist for over 20 years. We have built our program with first-hand industry insights to support the needs of offices and larger groups from the ground up. From on-boarding and client success planning to tech-enabled marketing solutions to support new patient growth, Retainer Club has you covered. 

Built by dental professionals - for dental professionals.

Sept. 2023 - Retainer Club launched our Partner Network. We are currently meeting with offices to explore partnerships and on-boarding clients to launch our 2.0 platform.